16 febrero 2016


We are gatherers,
the ones who pick up sticks and stones
and old wasp’s nests fallen by the
door of the barn,
walnuts with holes that look like
eyes of owls,
bits of shells not whole but lovely
in their brokeness,
we are the ones who bring home
empty eggs of birds
and place them on a small glass shelf
to keep for what? How long?
It matters not. What matters
Is the gathering,
the pockets filled with remnants
of a day evaporated, the traces of
certain memory, a lingering smell,
a smile that came with the shell.

Nina Bagley

[shichimi recolectó este poema y lo tradujo en un arrebato de inspiración.]

3 comentarios:

shichimi dijo...

bueno, traducir es mucho decir, arreglar el desastre de la traducción automática, mas bien ;-)

M. dijo...

Lindo. Hasta me entraron ganas de ampliar mi colección de musgos y cortezas. Saludos.

Anna Pont dijo...

Just perfect ;)