06 abril 2016

A tuck-box is a small pinewood trunk which is very strongly made, and no boy has ever gone as a boarder to an English Prep School without one. It is his own secret store-house, as secret as a lady's handbag, and there is an unwritten law that no other boy, no teacher, not even the Headmaster himself has the right to pry into the contents of your tuck-box. The owner has the key in his pocket and that is where it stays.(...) An average tuck-box would probably contain, at almost any time, half a home-made currant cake, a packet of squashed-fly biscuits, a couple of oranges, an apple, a banana, a pot of strawberry jam or Marmite, a bar of chocolate, a bag of Liquorice Allsorts and a tin of Bassett's lemonade powder.
As well as tuck, a tuck-box would also contain all manner of treasures such as a magnet, a pocket-knife, a compass, a ball of string, a clockwork racing-car, half a dozen lead soldiers, a box of conjuring-tricks, some tiddly-winks, a Mexican jumping bean, a catapult, some foreign stamps, a couple of stink-bombs, and I remember one boy called Arkle who drilled an airhole in the lid of his tuck-box and kept a pet frog in there which he fed on slugs.

Roald Dahl, Boy

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dot weems dijo...

cuando eramos pequeñas se llamaban cabas (ni se cómo se escribe) y yo deseaba uno amarillo, como un autobus o algo así? (lo encontré!! aquí: https://www.google.es/search?q=tuck-box&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjh643yrfrLAhXIPRQKHcifCRYQ_AUIBygB&biw=1600&bih=767#tbm=isch&q=cabas+amarillos&imgrc=afj0Sb-qlsO12M%3A) (nunca me lo compraron

arponauta dijo...


Del fr. cabas.

1. m. Sera pequeña, esportilla o cestillo para llevar la compra.

2. m. Especie de cartera en forma de caja o pequeño baúl, con asa, usada para llevar al colegio libros y material escolar.

3. m. Maletín pequeño.

yo tenía uno como el que querías, Dot, amarillo y metálico :-)

Glo dijo...

El material escolar nuevo me causaba siempre fruición, aunque no conocía esas cajas que mencionáis. Aún en la universidad me fascinaba el olor del papel de los libros y las revistas. Hoy sólo sigo venerando estos Pilot: